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At The Beacon,
We’ve tested an tasted these recipes just for you..

Gumnut Mistletoe

Supplies: Gumnuts, red spray paint, twine and green ribbon

An Aussie spin on the classic Christmas mistletoe toe.

Gather a hand full of gum nuts from your closest gumtree. Spray paint the gumnuts red and leave to dry. Once dry tie twine around the ends of the gumnut and assemble in a bunch. With the other end of the twine tie a knot and leave 10cm from the knot and cut. Tie a green ribbon around the knot and hang over a door frame or somewhere high.

Kiss your loved ones under the mistletoe this Christmas season.

Kiwifruit Pavlova

Supplies: Pavlova, cream, 2 kiwi fruits, strawberry.

A delicious addition to the Christmas lunch.

Start with your Pavlova base and add cream all over the top of the Pavlova. Slice a kiwi fruit into thin slices and then halve each piece to create a semi-circle shape. Arrange the pieces to look like a Christmas tree in the centre of the Pavlova. Start by placing three pieces of kiwi fruit, with a slight gap between each piece, to create the base of the Christmas tree. Slowly bring the pieces closer row by row and then start using two pieces across and then one for the very last row and the tip of the tree. Finally, add half a strawberry to the top of the tree to be the angel or star.

Melted Snowmen biscuits

Supplies: Biscuits, white icing, marshmallows, decorations.

A funny biscuit for an Aussie Christmas day.

Starting with your favourite round biscuit add a layer of white icing. Don’t spread the icing all the way to the edge and don’t be too neat. This gives the illusion that the snowman has started melting. While the icings still wet add a white marshmallow so that it sticks down. Make sure the marshmallow is slightly to the side and not in the centre so that you can add decorations to the front of the snowman. Once the icings dry you can add the snowman’s arms, face and buttons.

Christmas Festivities punch

Supplies: Cranberry juice, sparkling apple juice, ginger ale, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries.

Using a punch bowl or jug add Cranberry juice, sparkling apple juice and ginger ale and mix well. Add desired berries such as blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Add a punch ladle and cups. Enjoy on a hot Christmas day with the whole family.

Watermelon Christmas trees

Supplies: Watermelon and a Christmas cookie cutter A healthy refreshing snack for Christmas day.

Start by thinly slicing a whole watermelon into many sections. Place the cookie cutter on the edge of the watermelon where the red turns white and green. This point should be the base of your Christmas tree so you have something hard to hold onto while eating. Continue until you have all of your watermelon Christmas trees. Refrigerate until ready to eat. If your cookie cutter isn’t strong enough to cut through the watermelon edge you may need to, with the assistance of an adult, use a knife and cut with the outline of the cookie cutter.

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