Litter, Plastic our Beaches

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Rubbish, trash, litter it’s everywhere especially plastic and it’s contaminating everything in the ocean and on terra firma destroying our beaches and oceans, killing fish, whales, birds and animals.

What can we do to play our part in alleviating this problem? We can recycle, reuse and limit our use and addiction to plastic, we can also not litter.  But what we can do very easily is pick up rubbish when we come across it, simple really.

I walk my dog, Sammy every day on Dundowran beach and I take an extra bag with me to collect rubbish, besides his business that I pick up (and by the evidence not everyone does this) I also collect everything from plastic shopping bags & bottles, beer and soft drink bottles and cans to clothing, straws, balloons, fishing line sinkers and lures and a lot more. But it is plastic that is most prevalent and increasing.

We don’t need initiatives, advertisements or government programs to solve the simple task of picking up rubbish where we see it, for recycling and reuse we do but all we need is to make a conscious decision and a little effort to do our bit. It may not seem like much and we may be making no perceivable impact but if we do nothing then we will lose. You may say that one piece of litter makes no difference but if everyone (6 billion) did it the there would be a mountain of rubbish and multiply that by every day then the earth loses!

Rubbish I collected Friday 27 July in a 90 min. walk this was a bad day for rubbish it’s not usual but it’s also not uncommon.

Make an effort, do your bit to help clean our beaches and environment it may not be your rubbish but it is your backyard.

Life hacks for the beach

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If your a frequent visitor or not so frequent visitor to the beach, here’s some useful hacks for when your visiting the beach.

  • Secret beach container

    You will need: A clean lotion container, scissors, and valuables.
    Clean out an old lotion container such as sunscreen and cut the top off. Place your phone,
    money and car keys inside and place the lid back on. Now you have a safe place for your

  • Instant sand remover

    You will need: A clean sock, Baby powder and string.
    Fill an old sock with baby powder to the ankle. Tie around the end of the sock to keep the
    baby powder secure. Rub on legs after the beach to remove sand easily.

  • Sand free area

    You will need a large fitted sheet, 4 large items such as eskies.
    Place a fitted sheet upside down on the beach and place a large item at each corner to keep
    the fitted sheet open. Enjoy a sand free area to relax.

  • Instant burn relief

    What you’ll need: Aloe Vera, ice cube tray, freezer
    Squeeze Aloe Vera into the compartments of a clean ice cube tray. Freeze for 30 minutes to
    an hour. Keep in an esky while at the beach and remove for an instant burn relief.

  • Quick cold drinks

    What you’ll need: Paper towel, freezer, drinks.
    Place a wet paper towel around a drink and place in the freezer. Leave for 15 minutes. Enjoy
    your cold drink.