A Cappella

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A Cappella – it’s all about harmony and sisterhood

Story by Marianne Kresse,  Photos supplied by Armella Pratt

Did you know that Hervey Bay has its own A Cappella Chorus? If not, let me take this opportunity to introduce you to this rather remarkable group of women who are about to represent the Fraser Coast in one of the largest and most exciting endeavours of their Choruses’ singing history.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting this very vibrant and energetic group of ladies as they were  rehearsing at Hervey Bay RSL in preparation for competing in a national A Cappella competition being held in Hobart on May 17 and 18, 2019. The group is associated with the international Sweet Adeline Group of quartets and choruses with Australia being part of its Region 34. The convention in Hobart is a celebration of Region 34’s, thirty years of being part of the larger world group and the event is stacking up to being a big one. The A Cappella Bay Singers will be competing in both the Chorus and Quartet competitions. The group’s quartet name is Attune.

Judges look for showmanship, sound, music and expression.

With 25 quartets and 17 choruses registered to compete, there will be 700 individuals participating in the huge event being held at Hobart’s Wrest Point Casino. It is expected that the in house audience will be as many as a thousand people. The magnitude of the event has naturally got our own girls from The A Cappella Bay Singers both excited and nervous. They will sing two songs and be on stage for around seven minutes. But to get here has been hard work.

“Preparation for this has been two to three years in the making,” Chorus Director Helena said.

A Cappella Bay Singers were previously known as Seabelle Singers who has been going for over 10 years.  The current Group A Cappella Bay Singers is now a collaboration of Seabelle Singers and Soundwave Chorus.  The two choruses have amalgamated into one huge family.

“We’ve become a blended family, a sisterhood of harmony,” they all agreed in unison.

The group is made of 25 singers plus their director Helena, with ages ranging from girls aged 13 to women in their seventies. Songs range from the classical including ‘Where is your Heart’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ to pop hits such as Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’. A Cappella singing is all about harmony without using musical instruments. To achieve this the chorus is divided into four groups: tenors, leads, baritones and basses with each group needing to learn their own parts. Each week, each group has its own 90-minute rehearsal in preparation before joining the whole group in a demanding but very fulfilling two-and-a-half-hour session every Monday.

“It’s hard work!” new member Betty Kimber said.

“It takes a lot of concentration and focus to learn how to breath the right way especially when holding the long notes.”

Jodie Kimber, Betty’s daughter, who joined the group in January this year said “It’s actually quite a workout and can be exhausting!”

Betty laughed and added, “We all get rather hot!”

“You learn your notes, then your words and then how to breathe.”

The A Cappella Bay Singers currently has three tenors, five baritones, eight basses and the remainder leads which is a good mix, though a few more basses would be welcome.  The group is not made up of experienced singers and openly welcomes anyone who loves to sing and wants to be part of something fun as well as social. To join the group you need only do an audition that consists mainly of singing the scales and from this it is determined which of the four groups you belong.  There is no judgement as to whether you can sing or not. It is a very supportive group that have grown together and spend their time helping the community by doing fundraising and attending social events such as singing in nursing homes and performing at the RSL. They have also been invited by Dean from Café Balaena in Urangan to sing at Christmas or at birthday parties.

You can watch their performances live through webcast at



You can catch them at :

  • 28/04/19 – Family and Friends Concert  from 1pm to 2pm St John’s Anglican Church Hall, cnr Dooling and Gilston Road
  • 07/05/19 – Biggest Morning Tea and Sing Out.   Hervey Bay RSL
  • 11/05/19 – High Tea Fundraiser from 2pm to 4pm St John’s Anglican Church Hall, cnr Dooling and Gilston Road

If you would like to book them for future events or are interested in joining please contact their team coordinator Christa Leeb on 0414 256 178.

Common Dream Meanings

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Every night when we lay down to bed our brain is busily creating situations from our unconscious. Dreams are a way of relieving stress and bringing to light what we are really feeling but have to decode the dreams before you can really understand what your subconscious is telling you.


Dreams, where you are falling, can be interpreted as a sign of lack of control in your life. It is thought that falling is the most common of dreams that people share and experience in our lives. Many believe that the dream signifies that your life isn’t going to plan and suggest that you rethink a choice or consider a new direction in an area of your life to improve your waking life as well as dreams.


Being naked in public

Dreaming of being naked in public or in front of peers is a type of dream many people experience throughout life but it can be indicating that you may feel like a phoney, insecure, humiliation, shame or might be afraid of revealing your imperfections. It is suggested that you may want to get a taste of freedom or break out of your chains in your waking life to relieve these dreams.


Being chased

Being chased in a dream can mean that you are trying to escape your own fears and desires but can have a few different interpretations and it stems from who or what you are being chased by. If you are being chased by an animal then it could mean that you are hiding from your own anger and feelings. If you are being chased by an unknown figure then it could imply that you are running from past trauma. If you are being chased by someone of the opposite sex then it could suggest you are afraid of love or running from a past relationship in life. It is likely that you are having these dreams as a way of your subconscious trying to tell you to address issues and problems head-on in life.


Losing teeth

When dreaming you may lose a tooth or you may have a constant flow of teeth falling out and that can indicate that you are worried about your appearance to others and your attractiveness. It can also signify that you may be worried about your ability to communicate with others or even that you might still be holding on to something you said that was embarrassing.



Dreaming of flying can either mean you are feeling free and independent or can indicate that you want to flee or escape. Some flying dreams are actually lucid dreams which mean you’re aware that you’re dreaming while asleep. You can take control of this dream and do anything you can imagine until you wake up.

On Stage Tim Earle & Dogwood Crossing Prepare For The Third Album

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Tim Earle has always had a love for the stage. His first memory of performing is at six years old at an eisteddfod in Redcliffe. The mix of complete fear and adrenaline at the same time got Tim addicted to performing.

Between playing gigs with the trio on weekends and running the skate park during the days he finds he is quite busy but loves every second of it.

For years he would go to pubs and clubs and perform in cover bands and sing song covers. In 2008 he started writing music with Damien Veness which created the duo. At the time he needed to decide if he would move out to Myles near Chinchilla which is also known as Dogwood Crossing.

To take on the running of a hotel or stay in Hervey Bay and have a go with his music. In the end, he decided to stick with music and take the name Dogwood Crossing. They wrote their first album which was mainly acoustic and casual. They received a lot of support and backing from radio stations and ended up being finalists in the independent music awards that year which really spurred them on to keep going and see what else they could do.

They recruited more people for one gig but ended up doing their second album with them. The second album took off and received 1st, 2nd and 4th for the top 50 unearthed on Triple J in June 2016. After that, they hit the east coast and toured as much as they could. They did a mixture of cover shows to pay the bills along the way as well as ticketed shows which they loved every second of. Over time players have changed but they’re still hard at it creating music and playing gigs. Tim hopes to put out a third album as they have a few new songs already written that they are testing on crowds which seems to love them which makes them want to get back in the studio.

Tim writes the lyrics and sings and the band will create a riff or a beat and they together create a song. The quickest song they’ve written is 10 minutes and the longest is two years as he couldn’t find the right way to end the song. They stopped touring three years ago so Tim could save the local skate park in the hopes it would become a community asset. Three years on and the park has put a lot of kids through programs and got a lot of kids through jobs and ended up with qualifications and jobs.

Tim started as a chef and went on to sales and then to real estate which led him to Hervey Bay where he had to make a decision about what he really wanted to do but in the end chose music which was a massive gamble. Tim is happy that he chose music as music is great for your mental health. “Music has saved my life on a number of occasions.”

Being on stage is the only time of pure peace where he doesn’t see anything else or hear anything else, which is medication for life.

A Heavy Crown

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Leonie Kingdom is a shy yet dynamic 24-year-old singer/ songwriter that has had a number one hit on Triple J Unearthed since the release of her single Night Terrors in May this year. Her haunting melodies, unique vocals and all-too-real lyrics have won her an audience of followers, with over 40,000 plays of her single on Spotify and 8,000 listens on Triple J Unearthed. Her songs are receiving 4 and 4.5 out of 5 rating from Triple J presenters.

Leonie has always lived in Hervey Bay and her interest in music started at school through a mandatory music course at Urangan High. As soon as she picked up her first guitar, music became something important. Having no idea that she had any musical talent, school became her mentor with her parents supporting her new love with the same enthusiasm they had supported her other many hobbies including horse riding and skateboarding. Unlike horse riding and skateboarding, music was the hobby that won her heart. Initially, playing guitar was the extent of her music, with the singing only happening after she was challenged. Wanting to be better and having no official training, Leonie worked hard on developing her voice. Her strong yet haunting voice is unique and capturing.

Her first guitar was given to her from her uncle who picked it up from the shop in the local tip. She still recalls the looks of disbelief as she took this guitar to the music shop to get it new strings and a tune. It was while she sitting on kitchen floor and playing her first tune – a Missy Higgins song, that her parents realised that this was more than another phase and purchased her a better guitar. The teachers band Dogwood Crossing at the Torquay Pub. From there she started getting her own gigs and began playing full time.

Unfortunately even though she was gigging every night, she was also singing the same songs and although she was making good money she grew tired of the repetition and the minimum inspirational growth. She became unhappy at playing in dark corners in TABS and pubs with an audience that was not really listening. After five years of doing this she became quite depressed. At 22 she decided to give music a break. Having always had a soft spot for the dark side of life, Leonie started to do volunteer work for Head Space.

Many of her songs are about mental health. It was from here that she decided to start studying mental health nursing at university. Although it was a bit of a roller coaster ride taking up studying again, the process seemed to open her mind and regenerate her interest in music and songwriting. She entered many competitions trying to get her name out. The experience she says “can be more harmful than helpful, in fact often crushing.” She finally won the opportunity to record her first EP by winning a competition through Hervey Bay Unplugged hosted by Tim and Mak from radio station HitsFM.

She had entered this five times before she actually won. Recording the EP has seen her career skyrocket, as it enabled her to release her music online, particularly through Triple J Unearthed. Her songs come from deep within, so releasing them to the public was a very personal thing.

“Letting people into your life is very scary because you leave yourself open to being judged,” Leonie admits. “Everyone sings about the generic love songs but not many sing of their own mental issues- their dark side.” Her music hits her audience on a personal level with many of her listeners contacting her and telling her how they can relate. Leonie loves hearing from her fans- about the connection they get with her music and lyrics. Her single ‘Night Terrors’ was written at a time when she was at her most anxious and depressed. The song is different and real, and allows people to relate and admit their sadness.

When Doctor Doctor contacted her to use her song, social media simply went crazy. Leonie needs help to get her to the bigger shows and festivals. It’s difficult because being a solo artist she does not have a band behind her, so performing live often lacks the production. Leonie sees herself in five years performing on a greater level and writing and recording more of her music. Her second single ‘So much more’ was picked up quickly and went to number one within a week. ‘Night terrors’ still continued to stay in the charts

Leonie however has kept herself firmly grounded and is not letting her success to date sway her from her goals and beliefs. As she says, “I am not willing to sell my soul too quickly.” She is still heavily committed to balancing her growing music career with her study. Her future holds many challenges with her participation in the Heart of Gold film festival- part of the Rush festival and completing the successful launch of her EP at the Beach House Hotel.

She has also entered an RUOK ‘Listen Up’ competition that originally had 3000 artists submitting their best mental health songs. Leonie entered this at the last minute and was quickly selected in the top 100. She then went to Brisbane and has been selected in the top 30. She is now in the top 10 and heading to Sydney to try and win the competition and becoming the voice of mental health.

All Top 10 artists win the right to record their songs on a CD with the proceeds going to RUOK day. The winner also gets to record their own CD.

To date, Leonie has performed at Tamworth music festival, The Gympie Muster, Heart of Gold International film festival, Queenscliff music festival, Spirit of Bundaberg Festival, Ocean festival, alongside many other events Australia-wide. She has also opened for artists such as Ella Hooper of Killing Heidi fame and Boat Keeper.

Leonie’s debut EP Night Terrors was recorded at Pacific International Studio’s by producer Rob Mckay, located in her home town of Hervey Bay.

Apps that don’t require internet

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No internet needed

Have you ever heard from the back seat, “I’m bored” or “are we there yet?”
Well these apps don’t require internet after being downloaded, so traveling can be a breeze and the little ones can be kept happy and entertained. Just make sure to remember the charger! These apps have been chosen in a range of ages and styles from free-time games to learning-through-play games.

1. Toca Boca
This app is an open-ended app that allows children to dress and choreograph a dance for three dancers, which they perform on stage for your viewing. The dance can be saved in your camera roll for later viewing. This allows your child to have endless possibilities of creativeness and enjoyment in one app that will keep them entertained for hours.

2. Busy Shapes 2
Busy Shapes 2 is an expansion of Busy Shapes but opens up more cognitive challenges, more tools and even more obstacles and levels. Children have to solve a range of problems and challenges on their quest to place shapes through the corresponding holes.

3. Water Me Please
This app is a take-on of the classic slider game. The aim is to rearrange the sliders to get the water to the flower. The game starts out easy and gets increasingly harder to solve. Children have to think ahead to rearrange the pieces in the right order.

4. Codespark Academy
This app is designed to introduce children to coding by dragging and dropping using visual blocks to solve problems. Coding is a growing need for children to have in school and introducing it early can really improve their skills.

5. Think Trolls: Kings and Queens
This fun fantasy world of dragons, potions, kings and queens allows children to use forward-thinking skills to solve problems but aren’t penalised for making a mistake or trying, which encourages them to keep trying until they figure it out. Children must complete all chapters of the story before moving on to the next levels which get progressively harder as they go.

6. Jump! A Game of Numbers
This app is focused on skip-counting and is aimed at children between 5 and 10 and changes to adjust to the skill level of the child. It can be set up so multiple children can use the same device but have different accounts so it’s tailored to them.