Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is the long-awaited prequel to the 2010 game Red Dead Redemption,

with the first in the series titled Red Dead Revolver. The series is a Western-themed open world adventure in the Wild West which lets you live out your dreams of being a outlawed gunslinging cowboy. The protagonist is named Arthur Morgan. He is supported by a cast of over twenty characters of which some are likable and some not but all are human with strengths and flaws.

A big-budget production, this game showcases cutting-edge game design and mechanics supporting the six chapter story. The developer Rockstar’s website thanks 3,022 people for their help making this game, which took seven years and an estimated $300 million to produce. This ain’t your grandpa’s video game!!

So what can you expect from an AAA title like Red Dead 2? The answer is: quite a lot! You can rob a train, hold up a stage coach, hunt and skin animals, try your luck at catching a legendary fish, be a bounty hunter, get into drunken bar room brawls, get locked up, work for the sheriff and much more.

The details which have been integrated into the game are incredible – the world really does feel alive with a day and night cycle, dynamic weather including storms and rainbows (and even double rainbows), buildings under construction which progress over time, a system which sees the protagonist and also his horse gain or lose weight based on eating habits, an interwoven ecosystem with predators and prey which can both smell you depending on the wind direction and many, many more which I am still discovering. The horse’s balls even visibly shrink in the cold!

Playing Red Dead Redemption 2 really is like being the star and director of your own Western movie, and also reminded me of the Westworld series on TV. What would YOU do if you were a cowboy in the Wild West? Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you find out

Available now on XBOX One and Playstation 4, this is a game which you don’t want to miss. It would make a great Christmas present.

Apps that don’t require internet

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No internet needed

Have you ever heard from the back seat, “I’m bored” or “are we there yet?”
Well these apps don’t require internet after being downloaded, so traveling can be a breeze and the little ones can be kept happy and entertained. Just make sure to remember the charger! These apps have been chosen in a range of ages and styles from free-time games to learning-through-play games.

1. Toca Boca
This app is an open-ended app that allows children to dress and choreograph a dance for three dancers, which they perform on stage for your viewing. The dance can be saved in your camera roll for later viewing. This allows your child to have endless possibilities of creativeness and enjoyment in one app that will keep them entertained for hours.

2. Busy Shapes 2
Busy Shapes 2 is an expansion of Busy Shapes but opens up more cognitive challenges, more tools and even more obstacles and levels. Children have to solve a range of problems and challenges on their quest to place shapes through the corresponding holes.

3. Water Me Please
This app is a take-on of the classic slider game. The aim is to rearrange the sliders to get the water to the flower. The game starts out easy and gets increasingly harder to solve. Children have to think ahead to rearrange the pieces in the right order.

4. Codespark Academy
This app is designed to introduce children to coding by dragging and dropping using visual blocks to solve problems. Coding is a growing need for children to have in school and introducing it early can really improve their skills.

5. Think Trolls: Kings and Queens
This fun fantasy world of dragons, potions, kings and queens allows children to use forward-thinking skills to solve problems but aren’t penalised for making a mistake or trying, which encourages them to keep trying until they figure it out. Children must complete all chapters of the story before moving on to the next levels which get progressively harder as they go.

6. Jump! A Game of Numbers
This app is focused on skip-counting and is aimed at children between 5 and 10 and changes to adjust to the skill level of the child. It can be set up so multiple children can use the same device but have different accounts so it’s tailored to them.