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Quality Magazine for the Fraser Coast by the Fraser Coast

— 4 Aug 2018 —

We are a new locally owned and community based magazine who’s main objective is to give a voice and support to the people and businesses in the Fraser Coast region.

We are working closely with government departments and community support services to bring to light concerning issues such as the significant problem of youth unemployment and homelessness in our region.  The magazine to be informative by publishing the latest government, social issue related media releases and highlighting relevant government support programs, initiatives and helplines. Aged Care, indigenous affairs, health and safety, education, and local government objectives and developments will also be topics of close interest.

Our magazine we hope will become a ‘Beacon’ to focus our community on the social issues affecting us today by creating a forum that develops solutions through interactive communication between community and government to ensure a brighter, more secure and prosperous future for all within the region.

The Fraser Coast Beacon will be a beautifully presented, full colour, A4 magazine that will have limited spaces for advertising. We will not be producing a magazine that is nothing but Ads. It is our intention that our magazine will be ‘a good read’ that will cover local events and issues through both our editorials and community input.

Our magazine will focus on promoting local businesses through affordable Advertisement and introductory Advertorials. Our advertisements will be professionally created and placed in their relevant categories and not lost amongst pages full of Ads.

Our aim is to promote our local region and culture to it’s local people; to uncover all those things that go unnoticed but in truth should not. Conversations will focus on social issues that effect our community such as unemployment and homelessness, to finding that little local coffee shop that no one knows about. Our magazine will be informative, relevant and entertaining.

Distribution: 5000 copies

We intend to develop close ties with Community, local Schools and businesses as well as government groups such as the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and local councils which will ensure that we report only the most up to date and relevant information.

We will discover our local heroes, unearth our local talent, tell unknown tales and support those in need.

We expect the number of magazines to increase as we grow. Distribution will be by hand at markets, shopping centres, businesses such as newsagents.

Our magazine will also be online. We have web experts who will ensure that the Fraser Coast Beacon will be a top search for anyone looking on the internet for Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay or Maryborough and surrounding suburbs.

Our site will link with social media platforms such as Facebook so advertisers can be assured maximum media coverage.

We are offering considerable advertising discounts to a select number of businesses.

Our prices and Ad sizes are attached for your information. Each business advertising will receive a free number of magazines for their own display and distribution.

Please note these prices may vary depending on number of months of advertising.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our sales representatives.

First in will receive the best deals and spaces.

For businesses who are interested in receiving our advertising prices list…