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Marianne Kresse

Cashless Debit Card

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The cashless debit card is currently being rolled out in the Hervey Bay Area to a select group of 6000 people under 35 years old who receive welfare in the forms of Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowances (job seeker), Parenting Payment (single) as well as Parenting Payment (partnered). The cashless card has been controversial from the day it was started, but trials are proving that by limiting access of welfare cash…


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HATCH Design and Creative

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HATCH Design and Creative Store is a delightful shop found in a most scenic part of Hervey Bay, at 1 Pier St Urangan. HATCH gift store was the brainchild of its creator and owner Nathalie Albouze and sells the most wonderful and unique “local creations amongst others”. With Nathalie’s background being in the field of graphic art, the shop highlights not only the owners own creative flare with the fantastic…


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Derek Smith – Another Side

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Most of us around the Fraser Coast know Derek F. Smith for his incredible voice and guitar playing. The Beacon however are very excited to introduce you today to another side of Derek F. Smith. As we drove up the long driveway on Derek’s eight acre block of land, surrounded by horses, chickens and ducks, and with storm clouds brewing noisily in the distance, we were met by the intriguing…


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Micro Bats

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Bats have always been the objects of stories and movies. You either like them or loathe them, but much of their stigma once you really think about it comes from fantastic stories- stories in particular depicting Bats as evil blood sucking vampires for example, that have not exactly done much for their reputations. People fear and often shudder at the mere mention of the word bat. So imagine my surprise…


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The Witch & Waverly

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A SERIAL NOVEL BY MARIANNE KRESSE Page 1 ENGLAND 1815 She’d been running for weeks and was tired, so very tired. With winter now upon them she had thought she was finally safe. No one in their right mind would follow her here to the cold snowy depths of Chesham especially with the snow already knee deep and only three weeks into winter. She had everything she needed to hold…


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Super Heroes In The Fraser Coast

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Photos by Stephen Bendall On Friday November 2 my partner Stephen and I attended Centacare’s ‘Dancing in the dark Masquerade Ball’. The event put together by Karen Samuel’s and her team from Centacare had been originally scheduled for October 12 to celebrate Mental Health week but had to be postponed to November due to the inclement weather we were having at the time. The Masquerade Ball was a fun event…


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