About Google Search Engine

With so many people using Google search, SEO has become an important aspect that every website needs to consider.

Google’s servers are visiting all the websites it can find and add information about them in to its search engine so that when someone does a search it can use its pre-made index to instantly give a list of results.

All the text and images used within your website will help Google decide where and when your website will appear in their search, so its important to know the optimum way to build your site so that you can receive the visitors you need.

Increase your revenue

So before you build your website, you should do some research on what your target audience is and the kind of keywords they would likely be using while searching as to find you.

Google also reviews your website using different bench marks, like how quick the page loads, is the content secure and does the page load correctly on both desktop and mobile devices.  Google will penalise any negative result it finds which make the website appear lower down in the search engine results.

Understanding all the quirks of Google will help you maximise the effectiveness of your website and turn those visitors in to sales.

Our 6 step SEO plan…

  1. Have a good idea exactly what audience your website is trying to attract.  Try to narrow you focus on specific types, demographics and geographics of people and not assume a broad range.
  2. Make a list of all the key-phrases that your clients would likely type into Google to find you.  This can normally be split between your branding and services your require.
  3. We can advise you on which of your key-phrases will likely work best, and give you a top 10 list of ones that should be focused on.
  4. We can tweak your website as to bring in more visitors; visitors that search using the optimum top 10 key-phrases.
  5. We can help increase the ranking of your website so that Google gives your website a higher preference than other websites in its index.
  6. We can monitor your website and give feedback and advice about your current SEO.

Dedicated SEO Packages

SEO Essential

  • Website review
  • Optimum key phrase list
  • Website SEO modifications
  • Google analytics installation


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SEO Advanced

  • Includes SEO Essentials…
  • Full keyword marketing analysis
  • Limited business directory back‐linking
  • Follow‐up review/tweaks after 3 months


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SEO Ultimate

  • Includes SEO Advanced..
  • A re-review and tweaking every month for 12 months


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